Nexben and Lynx forge strategic partnership, streamlining employer-sponsored benefits through innovative technology. Learn more today!
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Build an experience that closes the gap between health and finance

Lynx APIs enable you to embed healthcare financial services into your platform. With one integration, enable your customers to save, pay, invest, and purchase healthcare products and services.

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Explore What You Can Build with Lynx

Our programmatic APIs make it easy for you to build one-of-a-kind healthcare financial experiences.

Banking and Ledgering
Banking and Ledgering

Banking and Ledgering

Leverage our foundational ledgering system, banks, card processors, and more to quickly launch new banking and payment programs, including consumer-directed health (CDH) accounts like health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spendings accounts (FSAs), directed spend accounts like healthy food and OTC stipends, reward accounts, loyalty accounts, and more.

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Advanced Payment Processing

Advanced Payment Processing

Issue cards physically or virtually instantaneously with funds restricted to be spent at certain merchant category codes, merchant IDs, and even down to the product SKU at tens of thousands of retailers. Lynx cards can house multiple bank accounts and funded benefits, eliminating the need to issue separate cards to a single user.

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Build an e-commerce experience on the backbone of our pre-built relationships with product distributors, unlocking access to thousands of qualified medical expenses (QMEs), healthcare products, and medically-tailored meals.



Utilize our integrated RIA and broker-dealer capabilities to quickly offer embedded investment options to your customers. Build curated investment lineups, broaden your broker experience, and even support a robo-advisor for a managed investment experience.

The Lynx Difference

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Own the consumer experience

Build any healthcare financial experience with our full suite of APIs.

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Lower costs and drive new revenue opportunities

Eliminate extraneous vendors with a single fintech partner that supports product innovations across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial use cases.

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Know banking and healthcare regulations are taken care of

Trust the Lynx team’s deep healthcare and financial services expertise and outsource the management of compliance and regulatory complexities, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

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Build a foundation of trust

Benefit from a true partnership approach by working alongside the dedicated and experienced team at Lynx to build one-of-a-kind healthcare financial experiences.

Choose how you work with us

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Directly leverage Lynx programmatic APIs to embed fintech solutions into your existing consumer experience. API Only access includes the following services:

  • Onboarding support
  • Ongoing program management support
  • Access to Lynx Admin Portal
  • Optional customer service support
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Don’t have tech resources at the ready? No problem. Leverage Lynx to build and maintain your digital experience. API+ access includes API Only services PLUS:

  • Digital experience design
  • Digital experience build and maintenance
  • Digital experience integration support
  • Customer service support
  • Client and sales support
  • Marketing support

Ready to own the experience?