Nexben and Lynx forge strategic partnership, streamlining employer-sponsored benefits through innovative technology. Learn more today!
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Lynx offers a powerful healthcare fintech platform plus a partnership you can depend on

We offer dedicated support for onboarding, implementation, ongoing management, growth, and success.

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The Method

You choose the partnership approach that works for you

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Directly leverage Lynx programmatic APIs to embed fintech solutions into your existing consumer experience. API Only access includes the following services:

  • Onboarding support
  • Ongoing program management support
  • Access to Lynx Admin Portal
  • Optional customer service support
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Don’t have tech resources at the ready? No problem. Leverage Lynx to build and maintain your digital experience. API+ access includes API Only services PLUS:

  • Digital experience design
  • Digital experience build and maintenance
  • Digital experience integration support
  • Customer service support
  • Client and sales support
  • Marketing support

The Process

We make custom easy

Align & Strategize

We’ll start by defining your desired outcomes and then agree upon clear workstreams, activities, and milestones to achieve those outcomes.

Design & Implement

Next, you will leverage our programmatic APIs, developer tools, and customizable digital experiences to build your solution, with consistent support along the way.

Manage & Analyze

Once the solution is launched, you will utilize our intuitive admin portal to manage your program and identify optimization opportunities, benefiting from real-time data availability.

Partner & Grow

With continued support from your dedicated customer success manager, we will optimize your existing program and take your business to new heights.

Who We Serve

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Digital Health
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Ready to own the experience?