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ICHRA Made Easy

Ditch the Excel sheets with a scalable payment card and electronic payment process to upgrade your ICHRA administration

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Struggling with ICHRA administration? Lynx has you covered.

Handling backend banking and various payment structures can be tough. Plus, staying compliant and dealing with outdated systems can slow things down and lead to legal headaches.

With Lynx, managing healthcare benefits is a breeze. Say goodbye to patchwork solutions from non-specialized vendors – we have the expertise you need, all in one place.

Build a Better Benefits Experience


Upgrade your Payment Processing

Ditch the Excel sheets and file-based processes! Lynx APIs allow you to offer debit cards (virtual or physical) and ACH options for each member, enabling a seamless and scalable premium payment processing to payers, with sophisticated payment controls that align spending with employer objectives.


Navigate Compliance & Regulations

Expert knowledge of banking and healthcare regulations to ensure benefit administrators are in compliance, with employers and employees protected, avoiding risks and providing peace of mind.


Streamline Administrative Tasks

Automates outdated, manual processes, providing a better experience with file-based accounting, reconciliation, and payment processing.

With Lynx's deep understanding of healthcare and banking regulations, we were able to navigate regulatory hurdles seamlessly, launching a fully compliant ICHRA in just 8 weeks. Lynx's API-first solution and flexible backend structure have revolutionized our payment processes, allowing us to scale efficiently while staying compliant.
Basil Vetas, Founder & CEO, Leeway

Leverage Lynx Capabilities to Innovate in the ICHRA Space

Own Your Experience and Launch a fully compliant ICHRA in just 8 weeks!

  • Secure infrastructure with the latest security protocols
  • Consolidate ICHRA, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and other employer stipends onto a single payment card
  • Sophisticated payment controls to ensure spending aligns with employer objectives
Cost Control

Define your budget and control insurance spending, eliminating surprises from high medical claim years.


Enjoy flexibility with Lynx's customizable payment options, from virtual debit cards to personalized healthcare wallets. Simplify benefit administration for both employers and employees.

Tax Advantage

Contributions to ICHRA are not considered wages, providing a tax benefit for employers.

Attract + Retain Talent

Stay competitive by offering tax-free benefits and choice in health plans to boost retention and recruitment efforts.


Trusted by Leading ICHRA Administrators

Manage all healthcare benefits effortlessly from one integrated platform

  • Seamlessly integrate CDH accounts and ICHRAs into your existing digital experience, streamlining health benefit setup and management while enhancing the user experience for both employers and employees
  • Contact Lynx today to learn more about how Lynx can help you streamline ICHRA complexities and create a customized, budget-friendly benefit model that works for you!