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Close the gap between health and finance for all Americans

At Lynx, we recognize that a person's health and finances are directly linked, and as socioeconomic status declines or improves, health status follows. We're on a mission to close the gap between health and finance to help consumers better afford, engage with, and pay for healthcare.


Matt Renfro
Co-founder & CEO
Ken Abel
Co-founder & CIO

Joe Firnstahl
Head of Product
Stephanie Bartz
Head of Strategy
Doug Bachelor
Chief Architect
Vinayak Kumar
Chief Technology Officer
Patty Chouanard-McAdam
VP, Operations
Sherry Lawton
Head of Growth
Jack Allard
VP, Business Operations
Bill Chave
VP, Client Success
Tali Goldstein
Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Taylor McMurtrie
VP, Sales
Alyssa DiMaio
Director of Marketing
Ryan Leary
Product Manager
Olufemi Ashafa
VP, Front-End Web Development
Ravi Pendkar
VP, Platform Development
Kay Kaffenberger
Technical Product Manager
Surinder Dhall
Senior Director, Quality Assurance
Shaylee McReynolds
Scrum Master
Kathryn Cushman
Content Marketing Associate
Bryan Gleason
Manager, Product Design

Edmund F. Murphy III
President & CEO Empower
Karen Webster
CEO, Market Platform Dynamics
Lars Albright
Partner, Unusual Ventures
Matt Marek
President & CEO, Seniorlink
Frannie McGowan
CEO, Consumer Health Strategies