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In the Lynx Sandbox and API documentation, you’ll find our fintech suite of services, including banking, payments, e-commerce, and investments for healthcare. Today, developers can get started in the Sandbox to begin learning about and experimenting with Lynx APIs to understand how to easily add financial services capabilities to an existing consumer-directed health experience, both digital and in-person. We’ve released our first available APIs to provide developers with an understanding of how they’ll be able to employ Lynx today, and in the future. So as you get started with what’s in the Sandbox today—stay tuned; new APIs are in development.  

Getting started in the Sandbox

Our first available Sandbox features enable developers to make API calls, such as enrolling and managing members in an HSA and other consumer-directed health accounts, making contributions to and from those accounts, issuing and managing debit cards, embedding payment experiences, and setting up reward and incentive programs. Developers are able to build out a proof of concept quickly and get a sense of what it’s like to truly own the fintech experience; Lynx is simply the backbone, working entirely behind the scenes. 

Lynx API screen

Why we're building Fintech-as-a-Service for healthcare

We started Lynx to bring modern fintech to healthcare, making it easy for organizations to embed healthcare banking, payment, e-commerce, and investment capabilities into their solutions, unencumbered by the limitations of antiquated incumbents. Whether it’s the operational complexities that result from piecing together various tech solutions, the restrictions brought on by industry regulatory demands, or simply the frustration of not being able to create the desired streamlined digital experience building a fintech experience suitable for consumers today has been challenging for healthcare organizations. We believe that the power of a solution founded on open APIs, coupled with a team that has deep industry experience at the nexus of finance and healthcare, can finally bring to market a product that makes it possible for companies to help their consumers navigate the complexities of paying and saving for their healthcare. 

The Lynx platform is cloud-based with an API-first solution, specifically designed with ‘no strings attached', fully exposed APIs to offer clients more control; they’ll have the ability to design, own and manage their health accounts program from start to finish. The end goal? Close the gap between health and finance for all Americans to improve affordability, drive health engagement, and enhance financial security.  

Who we're building it for

We’re building Lynx for organizations that are excited to elevate their healthcare experience and consolidate all financial solutions with one vendor to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary extra steps for both their team and their consumers—members, employees, or patients. The flexibility with which Lynx is designed enables clients to apply it to their various, unique use cases, whether you’re looking to:  
  • - Integrate and offer HSAs and other consumer-directed health accounts within your own branded digital experience 

  • - Offer healthy behaviors reward programs and get real-time data to tailor incentives

  • - Add payment acceptance capabilities to your product to consolidate the patient payment experience (coming soon)    

  • - Build your own branded e-commerce store (coming soon)  

  • - Create and manage your own investment portfolios for consumers (coming soon)  

... And that’s just the beginning. Lynx acts as an extension of your team, taking on the hard stuff and serving as your partner in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Ready? Set. Go check it out>>

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